Have an old Vanity that the top is too far gone to repair? Why not turn it into a set of night stands!

Check out this transformation from beginning to end below:


Sad little Vanity

First Remove the top, this one just had some screws I was able to undo from the inside and a few wood plugs that I had to wiggle to let the glue come apart.  Every one will be different.


Now you are left with two sets of drawers, time clean.  You can use whatever you like soapy water? Windex?  There isn’t much prep when you use Chalk Paint! No need to sand before you paint yay!!


First Coat of Chalk Paint.  You can purchase ready made Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (which I do love) or you can DIY your own in any color you like.  This is my own DIY Chalk Style paint.


Wait for it to dry which is really fast with Chalk Paint.  You should be able to start your second coat in about an hour.  I always do two coats even with Brand name Chalk Paint.


After this has had a chance to dry it will feel a little gritty and you can give it a very smooth finish by very lightly and quickly sanding the entire piece with 220 sand paper.  This will sand very easily and will not be labour intensive but will leave it feeling silky smooth!6

At this stage you can go a little harder on the edges if you want to go for a distressed look.  I tend to do this light distressing on most of my pieces.  I just love the look!


Vacuum all the dust off.


Now you can seal it by painting a layer of non yellowing Varathane.  I like a satin finish as I do not like it to be really shiny.  Just brush it on and wait for it to dry.

9The other option would be to use a clear soft wax finish.  Annie Sloan sells this also and it will do a great job seeling and will feel nice a smooth when you are done.  This is also a good finish.  I find wax a little labour intensive with the buffing and like the hard finish the Varathane gives.

Now onto the top:


You will need a chop saw, hand saw or you can often have the lumber store make your cuts when you buy the lumber.  I used inexpensive lumber 3 x 8 and chose pieces with some knots in them for interest.  Cut lengths to over hang about half an inch.


Lay them out and use another board to screw them all together.  Pre-drilling is recommended so you don’t split the wood.


Beat up the edges and corners with a hammer to take out the hard edges.  You can beat the top a little too if you like a more distressed look.


Give it a light sand to whatever your preference is.  I used 120 for the top.


Vacuum up the dust


Now to stain the top with one of my favourite stains.  Dark Walnut.  I gave one good coat and waited 24 hours before seeling with Varathane.


Give the stained top a coat of Varathane. Once it is dry you can place the top.  Use wood glue and screws from underneath where you can to secure the top again.  And after a litte work and creativity you are left with a set of gorgeous DIY night stands.  That should have cost you very little to make!