Easy DIY Chalk style paint.  I’ve used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and it is wonderful,  I’ve also used another Chalk type paint called Fat Paint which is also great but when you use Brand Name, you are limited to their colors and their prices.

You may already have some latex paint that you have used in your home and you want to match some furniture.  This is great for that!

Calcium Carbonate is excellent for making your own  DIY Chalk Paint.  You should be able to find it in a large bag at a farm supply store.  Farmers use this on their fields.  You will not need food grade, you just want to make sure it’s a nice fine powder.  One large bag will last you forever and you may want to share it with a few friends.   I’ve also seen people selling smaller quantities on Amazon.com.

The Basic Recipe is 2 parts of your latex paint (choose flat or egg shell) and one part Calcium Carbonate Powder.  You may also choose to add a small amount of water depending on how thick you want this paint.  Every latex paint is a little different so just use your judgement.  Add the powder to paint and stir it in.  If you want it a little thinner now add a very small amount of water and stir.  Repeat until you are happy with the consistency.   This is very forgiving and your measurements do not need to be exact.

Make small batches with as much as you think you are going to use on your piece but it will store for a while in air tight container.  Probably at least a couple weeks.  You may need to add a little water and stir again when you come back to it.

No extensive prep work required when you are using this paint.  Simple clean your wood furniture and brush it on.  Once you have painted give the whole piece a very quick light sand with 220 or smoother sand paper.  Just so it feels really smooth to touch.  It is very easy to do this.  You will spend only a few minutes for this stage.  If you want to distress do it it now.  If not, be sure not to press too hard with the sand paper.  You won’t want to burn through especially on the edges, it can be easy to accidentally burn through on the edges.

The final finish is your owner personal decision.  On most of my pieces I brush on a coat of non-yellowing satin finish Varathane.  I find this less work than buffing a wax and it gives it a nice smooth finish.  I make sure to get satin finish because I don’t like super shiny.  The other option is a soft wax finish. Annie Sloan carries this.  I like it too but it is a little more elbow grease.  It does feel super silky to touch though if you use a wax and buff! Another great product is Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  If you want that antiqued look this is very helpful!  If you have a piece that you are worried about extra protection on, I have used the Varathane and then once it cures buff on a layer of soft wax.


For super Beat up furniture make a thicker plaster type mixture.                                              I’ve made it even thicker for a plaster type finish on really beat up furniture.  You just make it as thick as you can while still being able to brush it on.  Do a couple coats and then give it a good sand after and you will have a nice textured but smooth to touch finish on a piece of furniture that you may have scrapped!

Below are some examples of a few projects I have done. Happy Painting!